BRiDGES Preschool first opened in 2001 offering Professional Educational Preschool and Pre-K programs. We have since grown into 5 East Valley.  BRiDGES Preschool Teachers are among the very best in the industry and are hand picked from hundreds of applicants.

BRiDGES' Teachers & Children love their school because it's safe, comfortable, respectful and educationally rich. Our hands-on, hands-in preschool programs include science experiments, cooking projects and gardening activities. We integrate primary Spanish and Sign Language, music and movement, children's literature, zoo phonics, dramatic play, story time and ample outside time on our Adventure Playgrounds. Our Teachers model and administer appropriate social skills, communication skills, discipline, assertiveness training and problem solving skills.

Parents, Grandparents, and families are always welcome to tour. Although appointments are nice, you may come in at any time. For more information or to take a tour, please contact any of our campuses below today!

BRiDGES Preschool is a "Nationally Accredited" Family Owned and Operated Preschool serving the East Valley for almost 16 years!!  Our campuses are located in Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek.  All of BRiDGES Preschool teachers and staff have or are finishing degrees in Child Development, Early Childhood Education or child related fields. BRiDGES Preschool continues to grow in popularity among Colleges and Universities for our innovative and developmentally appropriate environments that are among the very best in the world-wide field of Preschool and Early Childhood Education.