This program is available at:

This program is available at:

Unlike traditional corporate day care, our 1 year old toddler programs are extremely cozy and inviting, bringing your house into ours. Our specially designed environment supports mindfully maintained routines with all the exploration and motor activities that our toddlers need to learn, grow and feel secure.

Cozy as can be with exploration abound, toddles bond and grow in a small group of young friends and consistent degreed caregivers and a pleasant routine that includes ample nurturing, mobility and play.

A pleasantly structured early preschool program for a small group of curious minds. E-Pre is for ages 2-3 years old. Hands on activities with professional, caring and consistent preschool teachers. At Bridges, we make learning fun!

When toddlers are ready, potty training is integrated into daily routines. Early Preschool is full of structured activities and developmentally appropriate play. When children show developmental readiness, they are comfortably transitioned into Preschool.

BRiDGES Preschool is a safe, nurturing, comfortable environment with degreed teachers and developmentally appropriate activities where toddlers connect, explore, and grow.

A side step to traditional day care, all of BRIDGES’ Early Years Specialists have or are finishing degrees in Child Development. Early Childhood Education or a child related field. Low child to caregiver ratios, and comfortable home-like environments sets BRIDGES apart for providing quality Early Years programs.

Small class sizes and intriguing curriculum make this an amazing introduction to preschool. Potty training is part of the curriculum.

All Early Years Children enjoy ample time outdoors in our nature rich environment, designed especially for your growing toddler. Parents are always welcome, so please call or visit anytime.

Come see why so many agree "The Difference Is Here!".