•  They assist the teachers by running in-house errands, like retrieving extra                                                                        napkins, refilling glue bottles,etc.
  •  When children are not too busy being "big", they often find themselves intrigued with the younger curriculum and play along. It's like sneaking one extra beautiful year of childhood. 
  • During the school year, Young Leaders Club is a morning program for children who need a full day program, and are attending PM Kindergarten at BRiDGES.
  • A Young Leader learns and models leadership skills by acting as a special helper in a younger morning class such as preschool or pre-kindergarten.
  •  These children learn environmental awareness and team up to oversee our school-wide recycling program.
  •  They are the children wearing the lanyards, picture badges and whistles on the playground.
  •  They blow the whistle with the teachers when it is time to get a drink or help clean up.
  •  Children are taught to model empathy when a friend is hurt or in need.

Check out the summer School-Age program flier HERE!

During our vast Summer Program, Y.L.C. is designed for children entering Kindergarten thru 3 grade.
Every summer is a little different. One thing that remains the same is that the Young Leaders Club is an excellent opportunity for our older BRiDGES Preschool students to re-engage in age appropriate activities (science, cooking, gardening, special projects, etc.) that are so fun that they forget that they are learning.

Y.L.C. is a popular Summer Class. Families interested should inquire early. Please make sure you are on the information mailing list, for the next few years to come.